Golf Simulator  GPS delivers ultimate golf experience, a PGA professional training. Golf simulator as the system was designed for a fully realistic game of golf and full golf training the highest first level.

Latest technology and high-speed camera FULL-HD 3D images provide a complete experience.

Golf Simulator  uses a lot of PGA professionals across Europe exclusively for purposes of teaching and fitting that provide their clients.

Golf Simulator Models

Virtual Driving range

Golf simulator - Sports Coach

Golf simulator model Virtual Driving Range is the essential fully-fledged system designed for use in the golf shop or golf practice centers.

Standard Edition

Golf simulator - Sports Coach

Golf simulator model Standard Edition is a full featured system designed for general use. Installation includes 40 professional golf courses

Golf Academy


Golf simulator model Golf Academy is a system designed for a PGA professional golf training. Installation includes 90 3D professional golf courses

Golf Surround


Golf simulator model Golf Surround system delivers a panoramic view of golf game full HD quality. This model offers the ultimate gaming gaming experience.

Golf Surround Academy


Golf simulator model Surround Golf Academy is the flagship of the golf simulator. Panoramic sea views and integrated educational PGA Academy Full HD + 170 golf courses is an engineering unit that will use the professional training and top golf players