Exclusive hunting and shooitng slimulator in the interior at any time.

FULL HD 3D graphics and a 470 cm diagonal
Hunting simulator is an excellent source of entertainment for all realistic picture, sound and overall atmosphere are the key to the perfect experience. Hunting simulator is a device that creates in any interior
the space in which it is possible to hunt animals on a large-screened canvas. The projected image is complemented by authentic sounds of animals on which hunting takes place. Integrated technology in the delivery of weapons capable of precision to which a hunter used in real conditions, emit a beam that is captured by a highly sensitive camera. The result of collaboration weapons and the camera is calculating the trajectory and according to the distance of the animal is evaluated intervention




Large-sized screen with a diagonal of more than 470 cm
Realistic weapons with laser beam
Sophisticated detailed 3D graphics animals and the environment
Game diversity
Realistic sounds of animals and weapons

Hunting weapon simulator includes the choice of the client, which includes a laser illuminator which is precisely calibrated according to the size of the displayed image. Laser calibration, calibration is carried out like the sight when the real shooting. On screen is the display of hunting action. A gunman opened position, Aim and Shoot Our software scans the laser beam which is radiated in the shooting of hunting weapons. According to the position of the beam to the projection area of large-scale compute the time and by distance animal evaluate the intervention.


Equipment for hunting, we do offer included adjusted fair weapons for use in hunting simulator.
More about weapons you can read here …
Since this is a hunting simulator Obviously, in case of intervention into the muscle of the animal, evaluating the interference as unacceptable because the real-world could not be caught by the animal, but it also fled and would need to be traced. Each hunting game lets you compete simultaneously up to four shooters. In addition, the scorecard kept the ten best shooters. This characteristic allows us to organize the event connected simulators.
Software our hunting simulator offers a broad portfolio of shooting possibilities. Of course there is hunting for wild boar, deer, rabbits, foxes and many others. What we would like to give to your attention the video hunting. When hunting video you can experience the real hunting the animals in their natural habitat.